There was a time, not so long ago, when digital experimentation was a concept that was only discussed in the field of academia. Over the years, it has grown and become a concept that has been used to address online security breaches, consumer behaviour online, and basically how businesses can use digital experimentation to grow. There are many workshops that are always held to address different issues about digital experimentation. One of the factors that make such workshops successful is when they bring in a good speaker. Some of the qualities that make up a good speaker at a workshop on digital experimentation are:

Knowledge of the Subject

For one to be a good speaker at a workshop on digital experimentation, they should have deep knowledge of how digital experimentation is done, some of the companies or businesses that have done it successfully, areas that it can be applied, whether in big and small businesses and other details that will enrich the experience and knowledge of those who attend the workshop. He should also be knowledgeable enough to take up and respond effectively to some of the questions that might arise from the plenary.

Experience as a Speaker

A good speaker is one who has had experience speaking at different events. For a speaker in an event about digital experimentation, it helps if they have done other engagements and performed well. The experience will help them know the kind of anecdotes and delivery they can use to drive the information home. The experience also helps them employ different ways of charging up a crowd and keeping them interested in what is being discussed. Other than experience, a good speaker at a workshop is one who is charismatic enough to keep the audience interested from the start of the workshop to the end.