The conference location you choose when planning a digital experimentation conference can make or break the entire experience of the attendees. That is why it is always advisable that you spend a lot of time doing research and consulting with industry players before settling on a location. Some of the questions you should ask when looking for a conference location are:

How accessible is it?

This is crucial if the participants will be coming from different regions and arriving at different times. The location should be accessible both for people who will be walking to the venue, and those that will be driving. It should also be safe enough that the people who are coming later in the night do not have to worry about being mugged or feeling scared as they try to find the location.

What conference facilities do you have?

A good conference facility should be well equipped with things like a projector, sound systems, internet access, air conditioning, and other facilities that will make the conference smooth and comfortable. If possible, you should make a physical visit to the location and experience the facilities before you commit to booking the conference location.

How big is your capacity?

Knowing how many people a conference location can take is crucial, especially when you are expecting a large crowd. Conferences and events about digital experimentation always attract many participants, so it would help if you have a big conference location. You should also factor in how many employees the location has so that they do not get overwhelmed by the large numbers.

What kinds of food do you serve?

The conference location should be clear if they offer meals. They should also indicate the kind of meals they offer so that you know beforehand if you will need to boost the meals by hiring a private catering company or if you will have to get another location altogether.